About The NRF

The NRF’s mission is twofold: to advance the level of professionalism within and provide a clearinghouse of information regarding the remodeling industry and to answer the call to humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian Aid

Through donations from NARI members, distributors and members of the organization, the NRF raised approximately $84,000 for its relief project in New York City following the devastating events of 9/11. Volunteers arrived daily over a period of two weeks to build sheds, ramps, roofs and storage areas to help make the area more manageable. Buses charted members from several different NRF chapters, including Pennsylvania, North Jersey, Central Jersey and Massachusetts to complete the project.

One such project was the Massachusetts chapter’s completion of an off-site containment room. In one day, these volunteers built walls and shelves for storage in an old 44th Precinct basement for safety equipment storage. Because rubber suits, masks, goggles and other safety equipment were required for the dangerous work on site, a large and organized storage unit was necessary to house these items. In addition to building the containment room, NRF members secured donations for these and other safety equipment.

NRF members also built sheds around Staten Island in order to provide havens for New York police during working hours. The sheds were places where policemen and workers could rest indoors in between sifting through debris. Because of the dangerous nature of the stones, rubble and debris on the ground, NRF volunteers also build walking ramps so people could walk safely without falling or tripping.

Other projects included building roofs to place over trailers used by the New York Police Department, Fire Department and other groups. These roofs provided shelter and protection against the elements. Lastly, the NRF’s fundraising provided wood, roofing supplies, scaffolding and tools for the projects, as well as money allocated to purchase much-needed and costly steel.


The NRF awards scholarships to students for degrees and certifications in areas related to the remodeling industry. Scholarships are awarded to students seeking to improve their professionalism and skills in business related to the remodeling industry. Scholarships are awarded for certification programs, and/or related university or college training.

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