The National Remodeling Foundation (NRF) is a charitable organization with the mission to advance professionalism through education of future industry leaders and the population at-large regarding the remodeling industry.  Collaboration with a number of remodeling organizations, the building community, corporations, and industry leaders is key to making the difference that the organization co-founders Bill Greene and Jack Brock envisioned.


The NRF’s mission is threefold

  1. To advance the general level of professionalism in the remodeling industry
  2. To enhance the educational opportunities available within the remodeling industry
  3. To provide humanitarian assistance and to facilitate access to humanitarian assistance via the remodeling industry to people who may be in need due to natural disasters or calamities.


The NRF awards scholarships to assist in the professional training of qualified individuals participating in and entering the remodeling field.  We have also participated in several local community projects throughout the United States and responded with humanitarian aid in response to natural disasters and calamities.