Your support is integral to reaching the NRF’s goals of advancing the general level of professionalism in the remodeling industry; enhancing the educational opportunities available within the remodeling industry and to facilitate access to humanitarian assistance via the remodeling industry to people who may be in need due to natural disasters or calamities.  A contribution as little as $50.00 will make a great impact not only on the lives of the individuals receiving scholarships, but also to our industry by helping to foster a stronger work force and answering the call for humanitarian aid.


You can provide assistance in one of two ways: first, a monetary donation; second, a donation of materials for us to sell on eBay for Charity, with proceeds going directly to the NRF.  Take a moment to donate today. It will make a difference.


Industry Education needs our attention.  It is becoming apparent in the availability and quality of our labor pool. One of the reasons The National Remodeling Foundation was created was to provide scholarships and promote education to individuals who are entering the Remodeling Industry or remodelers taking their formal education to the next level. We want our industry strong and our workforce capable and are making every effort to bring the industry together. The NRF is comprised of Past NARI presidents, past President/ Chairman of the NKBA and the Remodelers Council and other industry leaders. In 2006, the National Remodeling Foundation awarded its first round of scholarships for remodeling education.


The Community needs our attention.  Natural disasters and calamaties often require the skills and knowledge of the remodeling industry.  The NRF answered the call for help following disasters such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy, as well as other local, more specialized projects.


Proof, that together, we can make a difference.

Steve Kleber, President

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